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Electrical Expertise.


Hitchcock & Company - Licensed Master Electricians 

Our Marquee Brand, providing generations of excellence in the electrical contracting industry.  Specializing in custom commercial projects to 20,000sqft, there are few tasks the Hitchcock & Company team cannot reign champion.

You'll be hard pressed to not notice the well-respected expertise Hitchcock & Company has shown around the Hudson Valley.  Consistently meeting and exceeding expectations of homeowners and national General Contractors alike!  Visit the or facebook page to see more!

Hartley Electric - Quality, Integrity and Pride since 1984

The Hartley Electric team brings decades of experience and acclaim to round out our southern Hudson Valley service territory.  Known for excellence in knowledge and affordability, the team at Hartley Electric are the MASTERS of electrical service work.

Keeping true to Hartley Electric's efficient roots Hartley Electric shares updates through the facebook social platform.  Visit the HartleyElectric facebook page today! - Your Trusted Generator Professionals

With the Generator Systems category's explosive growth after the multitude of SuperStorms Irene, Sandy, Harvey and Irma, was the natural progression to better service clients with generator systems in a specialized streamlined environment providing the best end-use experience!

Visit the website at or visit the online store at

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems PLUS 

With the emerging markets in Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, teamed with Solar Energy Systems and Building Efficiency using automation and utility rebate driven lighting upgrades, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems PLUS is accelerating into otherworldly territories faster than any of Elon's most powerful creations.

GET CONENCTED and maximize your efficiency potential at the Electric Vehicle Charging Systems PLUS website at

Hudson Valley AccuTest - Electrical Testing Precision that yields Profits!

Being accurate in electrical troubleshooting and efficiency testing can prove to be paramount in the commercial manufacturing or building maintenance world, where marginal issues frequently compound into large maintenance costs, thus eating away at business profit margins.

Hudson Valley AccuTest is your local electrical testing experts, utilizing  Fluke test equipment exclusively, providing in depth quantifiable data and trending to ensure your facility is operating at it's peak efficiency and potential.  Get in touch via email:

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